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[Stopping by to visit Lloyd? Dropping off a letter for him? Running into him somewhere? Go ahead and start things off here!]
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-this thing on? Oh, wait, there we go! Great!

Hey, this is Lloyd. If you have a message for me, you can leave it for me here! Don't worry, I'll check for messages as soon as I can. I'll get right back to you, I promise!

Man, these things are cool.



[If you have a letter or something similar, just slip it into here. It's hanging right next to his door, so chances are pretty good that he'll get it as soon as he comes home.]
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Raine caught Lloyd and Luke fon Fabre texting to each other using horrible grammar and spelling. She assigned them to write a paper on the importance of grammar.

This is the result. )

[Actual posting of said homework happened here.]
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All posts prior to this one are Somarium only unless marked otherwise.

Current game activity can be found in the timelines.
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[It's pretty easy to tell that something is wrong when the video feed turns on. Colette's face is upset, worried, possibly even with a tinge of panic in her eyes.]

Dammit, I can't find it! I can't find my card! Does anyone have one I can use? It's important!

[...yes, that's right. Colette just swore. She also seems to be using Lloyd's Dreamberry instead of her own.

Or maybe something deeper is going on here. Regardless, the message is clear. HALP!]

[[Lloyd and [ profile] clumsychosen have had their bodies switched. Replies to this post will come from [ profile] redcladcolette.]]
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[There's worry written on Lloyd's face when he turns the Dreamberry on, and his voice is hesitant, tight with the same emotion.]

Hey, this might seem like a weird question, but...

[His hands clench around a piece of paper, and for anyone who knows it, that's the arena visible in the background.]

Does anybody know if Zack Fair knew Zelos Wilder?
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[Lloyd's face is pale, panicked, when the video feed turns on.]

Guys, we have a problem. Cruxis is here.

[He swallows.]

And so is Kratos. He's taken over. It isn't Yggdrasill anymore, it's him. He's-

[His eyes abruptly widen, no longer looking at the Dreamberry but something off screen.]

Damn it, they're back!

[There's a flash of steel as he pulls a sword out, then the feed abruptly turns off.]

[ooc: Backdated to after this.]
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[There is so much anxiety in Lloyd's face and voice when he makes the call to his friend. He needs to see Mithos, no matter what Zelos said.]

Mithos? Mithos, please pick up. It's Lloyd. Please... Just tell me you're all right.

[ooc: Backdated to 9-28.]
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[There's a huge grin on Lloyd's face, the kind of grin you only give when you're pleased and excited and everything is right in the world, or when something amazing is happening.]

Hey, everyone! Guess who's officially an adult today!

[That's right, it's his birthday - or the one that he and Dirk celebrate. The only one he's ever known, so the only one that counts as far as he's concerned.]

Oh, yeah, by the way, Kanaya, I finished that necklace for you! When do you wanna meet up?

[He... hasn't realized yet that Kanaya is gone. Late with your gifts again, Lloyd. Always late. :/ ]

But man, I've been looking forward to this birthday so much! Now that I'm eighteen, I don't have to go back to school!
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Little Lloyd in Somarium again. )

Poking a few buttons experimentally as he continues to trot toward Espoir, the boy's face lights up when a light on it suddenly starts blinking. And as for the rest of Somarium? Have an eight year old kid grinning on your video screens.]

It's working! I did it! At least, I think I did. That's what that light means, right? Man, this thing is so cool!

Okay, so I have a question! Two questions! Where am I, and has anyone seen my Dad?

[ooc: Lloyd was an idiot and used his card of youth again. O o p s.]
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There! I-

[Locked from Eridan]

-did it! Good. That'll keep him from listening in on this. Thanks, Genis. I owe you one.

[Yup, somebody begged his best friend to show him how to lock. That done, he turns his attention on the Dreamberry - and Somarium in general by extension. His expression is very serious, and perhaps a little chagrined.]

Hey, everyone. I... kind of need some help. I need to get stronger, so I need to train, but I also need help learning how to fight magic users. [He makes a face.] Especially magic users that can fly.

[No, he's not talking about anyone in specific. What makes you think that?]

Does anyone want to spar? Or have any advice?
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[Damn it, he doesn't want to talk to Eridan, but this needs to be said.]

Eridan, I know what I said before, but I need to clear something up. I don't pity you. At all. Especially not like that.

[He ends the call quickly.

Ugh, he really hopes that that's the end of that.]
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Lloyd sets his Dreamberry down on the counter, accidentally hitting the button to turn it on. Then he looks at Colette, grinning. "Man, I'm so glad you could come over, Colette. This is going to be great!"

The female nods in response with an obvious grin of excitement. "Of course! It's so nice that you thought of making this for Zelos. I'm sure he'll love it!"

If anything, the older boy looks even more pleased with himself. "He'll never guess it's coming!" He moves away from the counter, heading to the cupboards with the dishes. "We just have to make sure not to say anything about it until we're ready. Oh, yeah, you can find the stuff you need in that cupboard over there."

"Not with the two of us working together." An unstoppable force-- you betcha'! Her head now turns in the pointed direction to the cupboard as she moves towards it. "Oh, this one?" Without turning back to get a confirmation, Colette will then begin to dig into its contents.

Lloyd pulls out a bowl, then glances at her as he sets it down. And... something about looking at her reminds him of something someone recently said, about fallen angels and sinning and... Colette's an angel, too. An angel who didn't do what she was supposed to.

Curious, and maybe a little bit worried, he leans over, unwittingly in full view of the camera, and tries to get a good look at his friend's backside.

"Hey, Colette? Have you ever sinned?"

It didn't take long, and Colette was able to retrieve the ingredients with ease as each of them piled into her arms. "Huh?"

Her back remained in view but the only thing that turned was her head; face pinched with confusion. "Well of course I have. Everyone has sinned, right?" Apart of her was still human that way. "Why do you ask?"

"So you're a fallen angel?" He searches her back again, then down around her thighs and legs. Flonne had had a weird kind of tail. Would Colette have something like that, too? "I just want to know if you'd-"

Whoops. The bowl just bumped the Dreamberry and knocked it off the counter. The view spins and there's a brief clatter, then the feed abruptly cuts off.

[Replies will come from Colette and/or Lloyd!]
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The dream starts off simply enough, with the figure of a glowering [ profile] forevveraglub standing with arms crossed. The scenery around him is indistinct, perhaps a field or a forest. [ profile] rainbowpalette, a girl, is standing in front of him. Neither one looks happy, but the girl is particularly upset. Eridan snaps something at Kanaya, who looks like she's almost in tears.

For a moment, the dream fuzzes and goes out of focus and...

You know what? This sort of dream is best represented with a series of horribly drawn MSPaint pics~ )
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[A letter. That's what Lloyd had come home to. A letter. A letter and a suddenly empty apartment, all of Zelos's things just... gone. Lloyd stands there, still numbly holding the letter. Things had been strained between them ever since he'd found out. Found out that Zelos was dead. And how. Why. But he hadn't seen this coming.

Moved out.


His thoughts feel broken and stilted. Zelos was gone.

Squeezing his eyes shut, the teen drops heavily into a chair.]


[For a long time all he does is just sit there, too many emotions lodged in his throat and his head to manage anything else. Finally, he pulls his Dreamberry out. He probably looks as bad as he feels - guilty, miserable. Angry. - but he honestly doesn't care. He needs to say something, even if it's stupid and childish.]

Somebody hit Zelos when you see him.
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Damn it, I think Zelos is in a sleep coma again. He's not the only one, either. Colette's still asleep- [At least that's what he thinks. He's a little out of the loop, completely unaware that he'd been in a sleep coma, too.] -and Dino was in one, and Zack's friend, and other people. It's like they're contagious or something.

Is that what's really going on? Are people just getting sick with something we've never heard about?

[Man, now he really wishes Professor Raine was here. Even if she didn't know how to heal it, he knows she could figure out what it is. Then maybe they could figure out what to do from there.]
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Kratos wasn't there. )

[Fishing his Dreamberry out of his pocket, Lloyd tried to find his number to call. For some reason, though, the number he thought was his mentor's wasn't there. Damn it. I must have forgotten part of it.

Undeterred, he switched to a public call.]

Has anyone seen Kratos? Um, he's tall, red hair, likes to wear dark clothes. I haven't seen him in a few days and I can't find him now.
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No longer six years old. )

[A little while later, after he's snuck out of Kratos's house, trying not to wake the man up, the teenager turns his Dreamberry on. His face is still a shade of mortified red.]

Damn it, what does this place have against normal?


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